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Greenways calendar

Greenways Calendar 2009

DatePlaceTitle and description of the event
January- February 2009 Belarus On January, 11th the exit session of organising committee of competition «Best farmstead of year» in Grodno area has passed. Competition is organised by Open Society "Belagroprombank" together with BA «Country Escape». During a trip a memorable sign design – Green cock – a sign of agro - and ecotourism of Belarus was discussed to be granted to the winners of the competition. This sign will be made on glass factory "Neman".
 February 2009 Belarus, Minsk At cinema "Pioneer" proceeds photo-exhibition "KNOWLEDGE of TREE... TREE of KNOWLEDGE...", devoted to the Earth Day on Greenways of Belarus. The ecological and educational action was hold among schoolchildren on four greenways in April-May, 2008.

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Network of GWs in Belarus

Photos, text: Dominika Zareba, Valeria Klitsounova, Elena Vetrova, Tsimur Kroll | Drawings: Iwona Siwek-Front
Project "Greenways for Belarus", implemented by the Polish Environmental Partnership Foundation and the "Agro and Ecotourism" Association, is financed thanks to the support from the Program of Polish Aid of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland in 2006.
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