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Poland, Czech Republic, Austria

The longest alley of fruit trees in Europe“

Trail description

Krakow-Moravia-Vienna Greenway is a heritage route based on a network of cycling, hiking, water, horse, educational and other thematic trails. The main backbone of the Greenway is a 780 km-long trail, providing access to historic, cultural and natural resources in the heart of Central Europe. Beginning in Krakow, a city located in the Jura Upland, the Greenway runs through the Oswiecim Valley, the Pszczyna region and Cieszyn Silesia in Poland. The trail leads through the forested Beskydy Mountains in the Polish - Czech border region, to the vineyards of Southern Moravia and Lower Austria, ending up in Vienna. As part of the Greenway, local communities are encouraged to plant local fruit tree varieties along the trail, to make the Krakow-Moravia-Vienna Greenway the longest alley of fruit trees in Europe.

Main tourist attractions and towns (nature and cultural heritage etc.)

The Krakow-Moravia-Vienna trail connects nature reserves, historical sites and local communities in the three countries of Poland, the Czech Republic and Austria. It runs through predominantly flat terrain with rolling hills and only a handful of steep slopes. The region is rich in cultural, natural and historical sites, with several of them included in the UNESCO World Heritage List (Krakow, Oswiecim and Olomouc).

The trail begins in Krakow, Poland's former capital and the country's most picturesque and historic city. The trail continues past the town of Oswiecim and the former Nazi Concentration Camp in Auschwitz, and leads through historic towns of Pszczyna and Bielsko-Biala to the mountains of Cieszyn Silesia on the Polish-Czech border. In the Czech republic, the trail passes through Eastern Moravia and the historic towns of Štramberk, Olomouc and Brno, as well as the nature reserve of the Moravian Karst region with some of the best caves in Europe. The Czech-Austrian border is a vast wine-growing region with many vineyards and wine cellars to visit. Lying on the Danube River, Vienna is the capital of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire and one of Europe's outstanding historic cities.


Krakow (Wawel) - Kryspinow - Mnikow - Rudno - Alwernia - Wygielzow - Dwory - Oswiecim - Harmeze - Wola - Miedzna - Pszczyna - Goczalkowice Zdroj - Zabrzeg - Landek - Mazancowice - Bielsko Biala - Jaworze - Gorki Wielkie - Nierodzim - the trail divides into two optional routes:

  • Green route: Nierodzim - Skoczow - Goleszow - Dziegielow - Cieszyn (border crossing with CZ)
  • Blue route: Nierodzim - Ustron - Wisla - Istebna - Lacki - Jasnowice (border crossing with CZ)

Czech Republic:

Brno - Mikulov - Moravian Jura Upland - Olomouc - Lipnik - Helfstyn - Stary Jicin - Novy Jicin - Hukvaldy - Cesky Tesin, Pomoravi and Poodří landscape reserves, the Beskydy mountains.


Laa and der Thaya - thermal spa, Falkenstein - ruins of a castle, Poysdorf - wine town, Wiedeń- St Stephan's Cathedral

Local Greenways in the Cieszyn Silesia region:

  • Walking trail in the Old Town of Cieszyn,
  • „Flowering Magnolias" walking trail in Cieszyn,
  • Following the Cieszyn traditional costume" cycling trail in Goleszow;
  • Saint Jan Sarkander Trail in Skoczow,
  • Planetary Path in Jaworzynka,
  • Jerzy Kukuczka's trail in Istebna,
  • „Via Ducalis - Prince's Trail" in the Cieszyn county.

Traditions of small breweries and beer production along the trail (famous brewing in Brno, Prerov, Cieszyn, Zywiec, Tychy, etc.)

Historical places related to the Austro-Hungarian Empire - historical places and events related to Franz Josef and the Austro-Hungarian Empire - art, architecture, cuisine.

General characteristic of the Greenway

- Geographical reference mark (major access points / start / end of a greenway) - Krakow, Ostrawa, Brno, Vienna

- Length- 780 km

- Surface- mostly all-weather tarmac roads, with dirt track sections through fields and forested areas.

- Percentage of trail / forestry roads / service roads / quiet roads/ main trail or theme loop - The trail runs along back roads, through fields and forests as well as along lakes, rivers or creeks and nature reserves. The majority of the trail leads across flat terrain but there are some hilly sections with an occasional steep climb. Unfortunately, some sections of the trail are on busy roads with heavy traffic, but these are necessary to connect with off-road trails.

- Main users - cyclists, hikers, some sections: canoeists, horse back riders.

- Inter-modality possibilities (connections to closest cities / towns and options for using public transport train / bus with relevant web sites and links):

Rail / bus timetables information available at: , ,

Available maps and guidebooks

Greenways Krakow-Morava-Wien v Moravskoslezském kraji - 1:75 000 map by the Poodří Region, CZ

Cyklistická stezka Brno - Víden/Radweg Brno-Wien 1:75 000 - a series of 6 maps, published by Sdružení Cyklistická Stezka Brno - Víden, CZ.

Laa an der Thaya to Vienna trail is covered by Radkarte Wein Viertel Ost 1:75 000 published by Weinviertel Tourismus GmbH.

Cieszyn Silesia.On the both sides of the Olza River by Michał M. Kowalski, Bezdroza, Krakow 2004, a guidebook on the Cieszyn Silesia section of the greenway.

Contact to trail organization


Polish Environmental Partnership Foundation (Fundacja Partnerstwo dla Środowiska), Bracka 6/6, 31-005 Krakow, tel.: +48 12 422 50 88, faks: +48 12 429 47 25, e-mail:,

Local coordinators in Poland:

Association for Development and Regional Cooperation „OLZA" (Stowarzyszenie Rozwoju i Współpracy Regionalnej „OLZA"), Rynek 18, 43-400 Cieszyn, tel. +48 33 85-78-720, fax: +48 33 85-78-721, e-mail:

Association „The Beskydy Region" (Stowarzyszenie „Region Beskidy"), Piastowska 40, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała, tel. +48 33 813-63-33, e-mail:

Municipality of Pszczyna (Urząd Miejski w Pszczynie), Rynek 2, 43-200 Pszczyna, tel. +48 32 210-11-55, fax: +48 32 210-39-45, e-mail:

Friends of Regulice and Nieporaz Association (Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciół Regulic i Nieporazu), T. Kościuszki 263, 32-566 Alwernia, tel.: +48 12 283 18 02, fax: +48 12 283 14 97, e-mail:

Sacrosong Foundation (Fundacja Sacrosong), Jesionowa 16, 30-221 Kraków, tel./fax: +48 12 425 15 14

Polish Tourism and Recreation Association, Jastrzebie Zdroj Branch (PTTK - Jastrzebie Zdroj) , Harcerska 14b, 44-335 Jastrzebie Zdroj, tel. (032) 471 94 88, e-mail:

Polish Tourism and Recreation Association, Krakow Branch (PTTK - Oddzial Krakowski), Westerplatte 5, 31-033 Krakow, tel. (012) 422 85 28, fax: 422 37-23, e-mail:


Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation (Nadace Partnerství), Panská 7, 602 00 Brno, tel.: +420 542 422 763, fax: +420 542 422 777, e-mail:,,


Network of GWs in Belarus

Photos, text: Dominika Zareba, Valeria Klitsounova, Elena Vetrova, Tsimur Kroll | Drawings: Iwona Siwek-Front
Project "Greenways for Belarus", implemented by the Polish Environmental Partnership Foundation and the "Agro and Ecotourism" Association, is financed thanks to the support from the Program of Polish Aid of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland in 2006.
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